Zappa vs Ehlvest in New York, 2005

Ehlvest at the chessboard.

Zappa programmer Anthony Cozzie in his standard programmer-wear: baseball cap, t-shirt, and jeans.

We took a walk around New York. Ehlvest poses in front of one of the nicer garden areas.

William Seward, one of the great abolitionists and instrumental in America's purchase of Alaska.

We find some chess players. Anthony tries his hand.

How can you expect me to win without my computer?

Ehlvest's not buying it.

Times square.

Times Square at night might be brighter than Times square during the day!

Ehlvest finds a magazine of Bobby Fischer, titled "The Deadly Gamesman". "That's easy when you don't have to play a silicon monster!"

The Empire state building.

One view of the Rockefeller centre (it encompasses several blocks).

It appears that when you have enough money to buy several blocks in New York, a taste for gaudy statues is not really a problem.

Back at the site of the match, reading about Ehlvest's life in the Soviet Union.